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It analyses your typing skills and creates tailored exercises. Get one week free typing course or even more. Welcome to double your typing speed with Typing Trainer online typing courses. Get access to hours of versatile training material - for free! What is your keyboarding speed and accuracy?

Find that out in 60 seconds at TypingTest. Take the easy way to assess job applicants' text entry skills and view summary reports with Typing Test Pro. Wow, that did the trick.

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Maybe the moaners need a keyboard box. Many thanks to both Whizbang Trainer and the programmers of this stellar App!! I used other typing instructor apps in the beginning; however, they were all not very helpful. My typing was very clumsy. The app's layout is simple and intuitive.

‎Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum on the Mac App Store

My learning process was rapid. I could mentally remember where the keys were without having to look at the keyboard. My typing speed increased naturally. I would certainily recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn typing with the ten fingers. Try this app, you will not regret.

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In no time, you will be on your way to amazing your friends about how well and fast you can type. Thanks to the developer. By the way, I typed this review in two minutes.

That is an average of 55 words per minute. Not bad for a beginner. Arther Casillas. I have tried several other apps and this one is far more fun, addictive and easy to learn. Samuel Asamoah. Type Fu app keeps preferences, usage statistics, crash reports and other personally identifiable information on your device and DOES NOT share it with any remote servers.

Your operating system might be collecting and storing app preferences, usage statistics, crash reports on remote servers. Save time Learning to be a fast typist can boost your work or school productivity like crazy.

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Be responsive In an IM conversation you will be able to type as fast as you can talk — and even faster. Type more accurately Touch typing will help you make a lot less typos even if the keyboard is steaming under your fingers. Focus on the task at hand Nothing kills creativity as much as having to lose focus.


Avoid repetitive stress injury Once you stop peering down at the keyboard every other second, you reduce neck and shoulder pain. Universal The app is suitable for all age groups and skill levels. Packed with engaging exercises Type Fu is fun to use!

2. Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor

Multiple levels of difficulty Should you start from the very beginning, or do you want to just polish your type-fu a tad? Adaptive Type Fu is smart: when you are making an outstanding progress, it can automatically increase the level of difficulty to keep you on your toes while improving the skill.

Improve Your Typing Skills with KeyBlaze Typing Tutor For Mac

Visual and audio hints Type Fu assists in a non-obtrusive way. Easy progress tracking Type Fu helps you perfecting the skill of touch typing by visualizing your progress. Multiple keyboard layouts Type Fu can be easily configured for use with any European or American keyboard layout like Qwerty, Dvorak, Colemak, Workman, Qwertz or Azerty including various regional variants. Pay once, use anytime and anywhere The app does not require recurring payments and constant network connection unlike online typing tutors.

Download System: macOS System: Windows System: Chrome OS 58 or later Price: 4. Privacy policy Type Fu app keeps preferences, usage statistics, crash reports and other personally identifiable information on your device and DOES NOT share it with any remote servers.