How to Convert PDF to MOBI on Mac with Calibre?

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After you've navigated to the PDF file and loaded it, the file will appear in the library list in the center as shown above. Select the document, then right click it. You'll see some contextual options that look like this:. At the top right is a popup button where you'll select the destination format.


There are lots of conversion options on the left side, but for now, for the sake of the demo, we can go with all the defaults. At the bottom right, click "OK.

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For a simple one page PDF, the conversion will go quickly, but if you have a complex, many page PDF manual or book, the conversion will take several minutes even on a fast Mac. And there are limits to what Calibre can do with the defaults, so large, complex PDFs may have conversion issues. When the conversion is done, the job count at the bottom right will drop to zero. Navigate to Converted File.

Navigate to the folder containing your original PDF, and you'll find the companion converted file. Mine looked like this. Transfer to iPad. You might think about emailing the converted document to the iPad, then opening it in the app of your choice.

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That will work for small documents. However, some of these documents, manuals and books can be quite large, much too large to email. So here's how to transfer large files. Connect your iPad to your Mac, and select it in the device list in the left of iTunes. Select the "apps" tab and scroll down until you see the File Sharing section as shown below.

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This software comes with a compact interface that assists you to manage all your eBooks conversion with a wet finger. Step 1. Download and install Calibre on your Mac. Then double-click the icon to run it, you will see the interface as below. Step 2.

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Choose the first option to add PDF file from your Mac computer. Step 3. A new window will show up, choose the output format as MOBI. Plus, it can be regarded as an audio converter, video converter, image converter, archive converter, presentation converter as well. If you register an account, you have the opportunity to earn more features.

How to Convert PDF to MOBI on Mac for Better Reading?

In reality, eBooks contain different formats, each appropriate for its own device. Meanwhile, it supports 49 languages and any combination of them, including English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Arabic and so on. Convert images and scanned files into searchable and editable files in a range of formats for easy editing and sharing.