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All Rights Reserved. Typing the Konami code on the website plays a chiptune rendition of the national anthem and fills the screen with animated banknotes or fireworks.

The website for the video game Overwatch displays raining images of one of its characters, D. Va , upon the user reciting the Konami Code. Entering the code on the Terraria website will cause a handful of blue slimes to jump from the left of the screen to the right. When a user says 'up up down down left right left right' to Siri , it replies with 'nerd' or 'cheater.

When said to the Google Assistant , it replies with a little sound "Cheat mode enabled". A Fisher-Price toy for pre-schoolers, modeled after a game controller which shows various lights and sounds when the buttons are pressed, presents a special sequence of lights and sounds if the Konami code is entered.

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It is also used as a name of one of their as a member of The New Day signature moves in wrestling. The Google Stadia game controller features the Konami Code on the bottom of the controller.

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The original version of the cheat code was designed for the NES controller. The exact sequence varies from game to game and has been adapted to fit the button layouts of different video game consoles , mostly the A and B buttons. For example:. These deviations may occur for purely operational reasons e. Despite the differences, though, these codes are still often referred to in general discussion as "Konami Code", "Conami Kode", or, less commonly, "Pseudo-Konami Code". A common misconception is that the code ends with Start or Select Start.

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In many titles, the player must press Start after entering the code in order to start a game, or press Select to switch to two-player mode and then start the game, leading to the confusion. The Konami Code has been referenced in routines for some songs on Konami's Dance Dance Revolution series, and has also been an unlock mechanism on some versions:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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