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You can create mail aliases and control which computers may use your server as a mail relay, but you can't do much else. This inflexibility prevents you from easily adding useful tools, such as spam filters, virus checkers, and mailing-list software.

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Many of these weaknesses are addressed by Tenon's Post. Office mail package, which the company recommends for all mail needs. The Web interface is quite similar to the software's interface, and it works with no problems.

Apache, Sendmail, and BIND are part of a basic OS X installation package, and you can download, build, or install the other software iTools includes, without paying a cent. When you buy iTools, you're paying for ease of use, a consistent OS X user experience, and a chance to forget about the technical wizardry that makes Internet servers run. The manual thoroughly walks you through setting up each service, and it explains the essential concepts of DNS and FTP services very well. Despite iTools' solid performance, there's still a slight chance that you'll one day find yourself staring at a command line.

During our testing of the Web interface, an improperly configured reverse-DNS zone caused internal server errors that couldn't be fixed with iTools.

iTools for Mac - Download Free ( Latest Version)

The program couldn't delete the malformed zone, so we had to manually edit the DNS configuration file a task most Mac administrators never face , manually delete the zone files, and restart the DNS service. The iTools manual discusses these files, so intrepid and experienced users can handle such a situation themselves.

For example, the Toolbox menu and its components were previously found under a menu called Advanced Features. Dreaming of an ad-free web?

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Alternative to iTunes for managing your iPhone

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Learn more. For starters, iTools for Mac offers a complete overview of your iOS device, including the model, View full description. Softonic review iTools for Mac is a free app that helps you manage your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad content - an alternative to iTunes with new functions you'll love. Unarchiver Free App for Software Users.

Download iTools for Mac 2. Free Download for Mac. User reviews about iTools for Mac.