Installing Power Map add-in for Excel 2013

For the most part the tools are the same. In Excel the right-hand Layer pane shown earlier contains all the setting options. Whereas the Excel layer pane is a little different, with tabs at the top to reveal different task panes. The Field List icon is where you build your visualisation.

It works much like the PivotTable field list:. You can choose from various scene settings via the Scene Options icon in the Ribbon e. Clicking the Refresh icon in the ribbon see image below will refresh the connection to your source data:. And if your data is imported from an external source using Power Query it will also refresh that connection, bringing in any new data.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave this field empty. Hi — Is it possible to assign a macro to custom maps or some sort of action when clicking on a map feature? I would like to build a custom 3D Map, then interact with it to send back info into to a worksheet as I click on map features…long shot?

If not any idea how I might achieve this type of user functionality in excel? I want 3D Map to show tenancies in our town starting and ending over a period of time so we can see the durations. I cannot see how to enter a duration or date-range into the Time field. I am trying to map a large amount of US zip codes. The zip codes that start with 0 show up in different countries. How do I get those zip codes to map to the united states? Have you qualified the zip codes with a column for the country so there is no ambiguity in regards to what country the zip codes relate to? Annotations can overlap and obscure each other.

Is there any way to move the annotations so that they still point to the locations, but the annotation text boxes do not interfere?

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Thank you. Just wondering, in relation to the football pitch, how do you go about getting the x y co-ordinates to line up with the image? Or does the application automatically give you the x and y based on the image and then you enter it for each entry or player position? It automatically detects them but you can override this in the settings.

This looks great. Any ideas on how I could get administrative borders layered onto a map?

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Thanks a mil as always. We respect your privacy. Note : Maps created in Excel cannot be opened in Excel Today lets focus on another great option of the plugin — geocoding. Selected the table in a web browser and copied it directly to Excel. Geocoding will allow me to show a phenomena on a map based on a city or a country name.

Alternative to Power Map for Excel-Power Map for Excel Replacement

It will automatically connect the record to a centroid of a city or a country without a need to give a geographic coordinates. The Power Map window will pop-up on your screen. Based on these two columns Power Map will join the name to a centroid of a Country or a City on our list. In that case we are interested in visualizing the data for cities, so we should select only this option. You will be moved to the settings menu. Now you need to select which data you want to visualize.

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  6. You can also play with the data visualization. Under settings menu on the right side you can change the opacity, size and thickness of your data points. You can also select a color. Our map is ready!

    Maptitude – Power Map for Excel Replacement

    We can present it directly in Power Map to maintain the interactive features or we can save it as a picture. Here we are. Awesome looking map of the population of 75 largest cities in the world in under 5 minutes! Have fun! Powered by Awesomeness. LOG IN.