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How to Spoof Your Airport MAC Address in Snow Leopard 

Many modern smartphones allow you to share your mobile data with different devices, in a process known as tethering. The drawback is that tethering does require some research, so if you have an upcoming trip where you suspect you might struggle to find an open Wi-Fi network, then you should do some research in advance.

Uniquely identified devices

Firstly, the process of enabling tethering differs between devices so you should head over to your favourite search engine and look for the instructions for your particular device. If you regularly struggle to find a decent Wi-Fi connection then you may want to consider purchasing a MiFi, a wireless router that can turn a 3G or 4G mobile phone network into a localised Wi-Fi hotspot. This means that as long as you can get a phone signal, you can use your MiFi device to create your own Wi-Fi network.

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MAC cloning on Airport Extreme

Analyze your memory usage, with Activity Monitor 2 months ago. Now, select the Hardware tab, the first thing you will see is MAC address. This actually shows the MAC address for en0 interface. Just change the name of the interface and look for yourself.

Was it that difficult? This will generate a random MAC address. But keep in mind it should be 12 digits hexadecimal. You need to have administrative privileges to change the MAC address, hence it will ask for the password. It is best recommended that you disconnect from the network while changing your MAC address and then again reconnect after successfully changing it. Also, make a note of your default hardware MAC address.

Remove the xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx with your MAC address generated or you have in mind. And also replace en0 with any other interface name that you are using. To confirm that it has been changed you could use any of the above mentioned way. You can use the method and get around with any blocking.

It sounded a very difficult task at the beginning, but even you can see how easy it was. Let me know, how did it go for you? I know that nothing can do without the help o Or, as an alternative: spoof the address of that MacBook?

For which I don't know the answer either, but it feels easier Sure, but if the expected outcome is indeed true, then doing it the other way around would also proof it? The MacBook getting the IP range that so far you saw for the router. That would not change the question though, but it might be easier to find Google ways to spoof the MacBook's MAC address. Spiff Spiff What about such utility? It looks like it solves the problem.

How to clone MAC address on Airport - Apple Community

Vladimir Vladimir 1. Please read the guidelines on recommending software : in particular, you need to explain how the software you're suggesting solves the problem and how to use the software to do that.

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