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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. About Microsoft Points: If your Xbox system is decline then you would not be able to connect it until you have update your xbox with microsoft points card which works such as your money. Free Microsoft Points , , and Xbox Live Gold code are free. Improved performance of several intrinsic functions for AVX2 and newer processors: sin, cos, log, log10, cexp, acos, ains, atan, tanh.

Improved performance of memory idiom functions: mset, mcopy, mzero. Passing -M[no]llvm to MPI wrappers mpicc, mpifort, etc. Doing so will cause unresolved symbol errors and segmentation faults when compiling. This is a known limitation that is the result of the switch to using LLVM compilers as the default code generator for the PGI compilers.

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Programs built with OpenMPI 3. You must now run the program with mpirun -np 1. This is a known and intended behavior change in the 3. OpenACC profiling of these applications is still possible by disabling OpenMP profiling with the ' --openmp-profiling off ' option to pgprof. The pgf77 driver is deprecated. Use pgfortran to compile F77 Fortran. The PGI-proprietary code generator and OpenMP implementation can still be used optionally with the PGI compilers via a compile- and link-time option or with appropriate path settings. You can control which code generator is used, and in particular can override the default and revert to using the PGI-proprietary code generator if needed.

However, in general you cannot mix object files or libraries compiled with the two different code generators in the same executable. You must use this option on all files and libraries in your program, and as both a compile- and link-time option.

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In that case, using the -Mllvm option will toggle to use of the LLVM-based compilers and again it must be used for both compilation and linking. The difference is in which features are enabled by the license keys. PGI release version The updated version of FlexNet Publisher includes various fixes and improved support across all operating systems. The PGI compilers and tools are license-managed.

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Before discussing licensing, it is useful to have common terminology. Installation may place a temporary license key file named license. Release includes the following components:. This document contains a number of terms and definitions with which you may or may not be familiar.

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If you encounter an unfamiliar term in these notes, please refer to the PGI online glossary. These two terms are used throughout the documentation to reflect groups of processors:. There are three platforms supported by the PGI compilers and tools for x processor-based systems. Except where noted in these release notes or the user manuals, the PGI compilers and tools on macOS function identically to their Linux counterparts. These Windows operating systems are supported in PGI :. The PGI tool pgaccelinfo prints the driver version as its first line of output. You can let the compiler pick which version of the CUDA Toolkit to use or you can instruct it to use a particular version.

The rest of this section describes all of your options.

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This auto-detect feature was introduced in the PGI While most users do not need to use any other CUDA Toolkit installation than those provided with PGI, situations do arise where this capability is needed. The compilers construct a default list of compute capabilities that matches the compute capabilities supported by the GPUs found on the system used in compilation. If there are no GPUs detected, the compilers select cc35, cc50, cc60, and cc You can override the default by specifying one or more compute capabilities using either command-line options or an rcfile.

The generation of device code can be time consuming, so you may notice an increase in compile time as the number of compute capabilities increases. Many open-source software packages have been ported for use with PGI compilers on Linux x The following list of open-source software packages have been precompiled for execution on Linux x targets using the PGI compilers and are available to download from the PGI website. In addition, these software packages have also been ported to PGI on Linux x but due to licensing restrictions, they are not available in binary format directly from PGI.

Once you have successfully built, debugged and tuned your application, you may want to distribute it to users who need to run it on a variety of systems. This section addresses how to effectively distribute applications built using PGI compilers and tools. Programs built with PGI compilers may depend on runtime library files. These library files must be distributed with such programs to enable them to execute on systems where the PGI compilers are not installed. There are PGI redistributable files for Linux.

This section contains information about known limitations, documentation errors, and corrections. Wherever possible, a work-around is provided. For up-to-date information about the state of the current release, please see the PGI frequently asked questions FAQ webpage.

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In this case, the following messages appear when vi is invoked:. PGI plans to support these features in a future release. The forums contain answers to many commonly asked questions. Log in to the PGI website to access the forums. Many questions and problems can be resolved by following instructions and the information available in the PGI frequently asked questions FAQ. Information furnished is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, NVIDIA Corporation assumes no responsibility for the consequences of use of such information or for any infringement of patents or other rights of third parties that may result from its use.

Specifications mentioned in this publication are subject to change without notice. This publication supersedes and replaces all other information previously supplied. Other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated. This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. See our cookie policy for further details on how to block cookies.

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PGI version Release Notes. Node-locked and Network Floating Licenses. Supported Operating System Updates. Precompiled Open-Source Packages. Application Deployment and Redistributables. Troubleshooting Tips and Known Limitations. What's New in Performance Improved performance of several intrinsic functions for AVX2 and newer processors: sin, cos, log, log10, cexp, acos, ains, atan, tanh.