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First look: Hulu Desktop

By default, my Internet connection played back everything at High Quality you can adjust this in the settings , and the quality looked even better than in the browser. The Quality Watching the pilot for "Glee," for instnace, wasn't as sharp as the HD iTunes downlad, of course, but it was quite good. Using boxee for the Mac wasn't always the smoothest experience, so this is a step-up. The Convenience The nice thing about having an actual application for an online media center, which is what Hulu is really becoming, is that you have the opportunity to discover more shows and networks that have been added to the service in an app rather than navigating the web page.

I had no idea that some of the stuff that was available on Hulu was available, and I use the website often. If you have a Hulu account, you can login and watch shows from your queue, subscribe or unsubscribe, rate content, etc.

Hulu Launches Remote-Friendly Desktop Application

You don't need a Hulu account to use Hulu. But what about boxee? So, now that Hulu is at least acknowleding that people might want to watch Hulu content in a bit more comfort again, I fail to see how my 22" LCD monitor is any different from the 20" TV in my bedroom , will Hulu be coming back to boxee? I wouldn't hold my breath, but according to a blog post , the boxee team has already reached out to Hulu to discuss working together to bring content back in an official manner.

Like I said, I wouldn't hold my breath. Something tells me that if Hulu does get on the television which is clearly the next step , it will be via their own set-top box and software.

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That's a shame. Having said that, using boxee and Hulu Desktop together -- if you have a Mac mini, for instance -- doesn't seem like it would be a problem. Literally just drag the application to your Applications Folder and an Internet Plugin to a plugins folder the installer conveniently includes a link to that folder so you don't have to search for anything.

Hulu Desktop- TV on Your Mac for free

Launch Hulu. Also, please note that Hulu is currently only available in the US. They are exploring international deals, but this is US-only for now. So what do you think of Hulu Desktop? Are you going to try this with your Mac media setup or is it just a way to waste more time at work?

Best Hulu Desktop Alternatives for Mac

Let us know in the comments. Buyer's Guide.

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Facebook might bring major streaming services to its Portal for TVs. Latest in Appletv. Image credit:. Sponsored Links.

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Got a tip for us? Let us know a. Send us an email b. Anonymous form close x. With browser support, Mac and PC users can now stream Hulu content directly to their computers in addition to set-top boxes and mobile devices. To date, we've offered Hulu with Live TV on multiple living room and mobile devices, but we know many of you have asked to access our service on your laptops and computers as well. So rather than wait until we've finalized our new Web experience, we're opening up a basic version to Hulu's live TV plan subscribers so they can stream live TV via their browsers.

That means, you can catch the big game, this morning's news or the premiere of "This is Us" wherever you are. Hulu says development on its web experience is in the early stages, so it's something of a bare bones integration at the current time.

Hulu says the Hulu experience on the web will "evolve significantly" over the next few months, gaining features like point, click, and keyboard interactions and responsive pages to fit all screen sizes. Hulu's full live and on-demand catalog can be watched via a browser with the company's first iteration.

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