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Empire:Total War Mod for Mac

I have a friend with the Steam version of Dragon Age; he has that game modded to the gills to improve the graphics. I know Crysis mods are all compatible with steam too. So none of you have tried the Total War series on Steam? Those who make mods for TW don't seem to support Steam.

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It works, but it's a pain, especially if you want multiple mods to run. The thing is, with games that came out before Steam, mods won't be compatible. If you intend to mod, don't get games that came out before steam, off steam.

Mac Download available news - Europa Barbarorum mod for Rome: Total War - Mod DB

Unless they're crazy-popular and people convert them for Steam compatibility. So none of you guys have to change the name of folders and change launch options every time you play a different mod, or anything like that? The mod just appears in your games library? Most mods I use come with separate launchers. They aren't complicated, for left 4 dead 2 custom campaigns you just drag a file into another folder. I did notice with project reality i had to go to find the mod in my program files and make a shortcut from the application icon in the folder, so it would work.

I don't know if people are understanding this, but the mods I've tried with RTW work.

Total War Rome 2 is 35 GB!

It just took me hours of research to figure it out, as well as lots of folder swapping and changing the launch options in Steam. I've also been told there twcenter by many people to buy a hard copy of the game rather than purchase it through Steam. If any of you have any suggestions as to how to get the mod launchers to actually launch, isntead of saying "can't find steam" then that would be awesome. Wow I edited this and it clumped everything together. It won't let me add spaces either.

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Project Reality is the only mod that ever gave me problems with Steam, but All I had to do was modify one of the shortcuts to solve it. It simply says "couldn't find steam. TWS2 Shogun 2, they just decided that Total War should be in the front now for example will be way less modable according to CA but we'll see. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. I guess it just depends on the game. Ive never come across a game that was difficult to mod on steam. Visit twcenter if you want to read about it or ask questions.

Anyone else? Posted 22 December - PM.

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    Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Please log in to reply. I've tested it out as per the installation instructions in the above link and all is working well. It's great to be able to play as the smaller factions etc. Posted 24 December - AM Sorry for the belated response - mad Christmas rush as usual Not actually sure from just looking at the game. I play on x and didn't have a problem with the font size on the vanilla game.

    Rome: Total Warâ„¢ - Collection

    It looks the same to me with the Mod applied so I'm not sure that it is included. I'd suggest contacting Dylan directly on his thread to find out. Also just to note that if you just watch the video you might miss one of the other instructions for applying the Mod fully - you need to also copy the text from 'ModActivewriting. And unfortunately the preferences.