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In the Paragraph dialog box, set the following options:. To use the style you created, merely select it from the list in the Styles group on the Home tab. Was this helpful? Chat Hours. Chat Expectations and Guidelines.

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APA Format in Word for Mac

Comments 0. Add a public comment to this FAQ Entry. Related Topics. APA Technology Help. Chat with the Rasmussen Library. It will begin with the word "Reference" no quotation marks , which will be centered at the top. The entries will be in alphabetical order , with a hanging indent. The procedure for doing a hanging indent is as follows:.

You are the greatest I am going to put this on my desktop and my home screen. If I could I would share a cookie with you Selah! Thank you very much! All that looking that I did to find information about APA format has really paid off! The reference examples need to have the hanging indent though, am I correct? Add Teacher Note. To double-space the paper, you will: Highlight any text that you have typed thus far skip this step if you have not begun yet. Click the Home tab or the Page Layout tab. In the Paragraph section of either of those tabs, click the tiny arrow in the bottom right corner.

A paragraph page will pop up.

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Click the arrow under "Line Spacing," and Choose "double. Click the Home tab. In the Font section of this tab, click the arrow next to the name of the font you are currently using, and then scroll down to choose Times New Roman or another easily readable font.

In the same section, click the arrow next to the size of the font, and choose To add a header to the first page: Begin on the first page, which will be the title page.

MLA Format: Everything You Need to Know Here

Click the Insert tab. In the Header and Footer section, click on "Header," and choose the first option. A special Header and Footer Toolbar will then appear. Click inside of the brackets in the upper left-hand corner, and type the words "Running head" without quotations , followed by a colon and a shortened or full version of the title of your paper up to 50 characters in length. This abbreviated title should be written in all caps. To add a page number to the first page: Be sure that you are in the Header and Footer Toolbar double-click on the running head you just made to return to it if you are not.

Begin with your cursor at the end of the running head you just typed. Click the tab button on your keyboard twice. The number 1 will then appear in the top left corner of your title page.

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  8. To add a header and page number to the rest of the pages: Go the the second page of your paper. Be sure that you are in the Header and Footer Toolbar. If you have left this toolbar, then there should still be a set of brackets in the upper left-hand corner of the second page with the words "Type Here" between them. Double click on these brackets, and then you will be back in the Header and Footer Toolbar. Type the header that will be added to the rest of the paper.

    It will be the same abbreviated, all-caps title from the title page, except this time, you will not include "Running head:" before it. The number 2 will appear in the top left corner of the page, and the numbering will continue consecutively throughout the paper. On the far right of the Header and Footer Toolbar, there is a button to click so that you can exit the Header and Footer Toolbar and continue writing your paper.

    There are still a few other components to the title, which include: The full title The author s 's name s The institution the author s are from usually a college or university An optional author note To format the title, name s , and institution name, there are a few easy steps to follow: If it is easiest for you, start typing the text in left alignment the default. List the full title of your paper, which should be no more than twelve words, should have no abbreviations, and should not include any words that are not completely necessary. On the very next line, list the names of all the authors involved with the writing of the paper.

    Formatting APA Style in Microsoft Word 2013

    On the third line, list the name of the institution. Place the cursor before the very first letter in this group of text, and press the enter key approximately times the exact placement is up to you. It is only important that the text remain in the top half of the page. Highlight all of this text.

    In the Paragraph section of this tab, click the icon which is a picture of lines that represent centered text it will be the second one from the left. This will center the text. Here are a few rules to consider as far as this is concerned: General rules You generally want to include three pieces of information: the author s 's last name s , the date, and the page numbers, if applicable. If the author's name is mentioned in the sentence, their name does not have to also appear in the citation at the end of the sentence the same goes for the date.

    An in-text citation with all three pieces of information looks like this: Schmidt, , p. You may then write subsequent in-text citations from the same source like this: Shere et al. If there are more than five authors, you can omit the previous rule about spelling all of the names out the first time and write all in-text citations like this: Khatib et al.

    Date If the date is not available, as is the case with many webpages, then the initials n. Page numbers All quotations must be cited using page numbers if possible, but page numbers are optional, though encouraged, for citing paraphrased material. If there are no page numbers, and you are citing a direct quotation, you should find an alternative way to direct the reader to the specific spot in the text, such as by counting the paragraphs. Example: Khatib et al. The procedure for doing a hanging indent is as follows: Begin each entry on a separate line. Once you have written all of the entries, highlight the text.