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This is probably the most critical cause that leads to a slow Mac. You may need a more powerful processor. Also, this Apple discussion reveals that if there are bad or failing sectors on the drive, which can substantially slow down read speeds.

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If you regularly use your Mac for gaming, you may find the overall experience a bit choppy. Nothing slows a Mac more than having too much on a hard drive, according to iMore. Since , all Macs have been built on Intel cores. If you used an older Mac and decided to migrate data from a different mac CPU type, e. Credit to Abraham Brody , a Mac tech support geek. Every day you use a web browser e. Safari, Chrome, FireFox , you generate junk files such as caches, history, plugins, extensions, etc. With the passage of time, these files can take up a lot of storage space as well as impact the speed of your web browsing.

For example: by cleaning the junk files together with other two simple tricks , Wall Street Journal columnist — Joanna Stern was able to make her 1. Sometimes when your web browser is slow to load the pages you want to view, you may blame your Mac. It could be an older router, weak wifi signal, too many other devices connected, etc.

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Yes, the OS X operating system is more secure than Windows. But hey, it can get viruses as well. According to ComputerHope , as Apple Macintosh computers gain market share and are used by more people, virus are becoming more common than they used to be. There is a lot of bad software out there. If you download applications with unverified developers, or from non-authorized sites, chances are these applications can make your Mac slower by unnecessarily hogging the CPU or RAM.

Also, according to Apple, peer-to-peer file sharing and torrent software can turn your machine into a software server, which will slow down your internet connection. Many users report it could take hours. See this Apple support article for what to do when the backup takes ages.

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This has happened to me before. Every time I connected my iPhone or iPad to my Mac, it started to freeze. Once I disabled it, the hang-up disappeared. Learn more from this Apple support discussion. Looking for a better alternative to iTunes? Go get AnyTrans review here. Similar to iTunes, Apple iCloud syncing can also decelerate performance. It can also cause several other linked services email, Photos, FindMyiPhone, etc.

See this example as reported by Parmy Olson from Forbes.

Mac® OS X™ Activity Monitor Shows CPU usage graph with more than four processor cores

Not long ago, Apple reminded users that Mac Mail might unexpectedly quit when displaying a message that is malformed or damaged. I suffered from this twice: once was right after an OS X upgrade, the second was after I added a few more mailboxes. In both cases, my Mac seriously hung.

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Jonny Evans explains how to rebuild and reindex mailboxes step-by-step in a ComputerWorld post. El Capitan features speed improvements from 4x faster PDF rendering to 1. Run qlmanage -h for more info. In my particular case it was QuickSilver causing the issue, which I fixed by disabling image previews using this command in the terminal. My thread on that is here.

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Also see this similar AskDifferent question. For me I ran into this issue when I raised the ulimit number to a very high number. YMMV obviously. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 6 years, 1 month ago. Active 1 year, 11 months ago. Viewed 27k times.

Any assistance is appreciated. Troubleshooting steps: See if there are any relevant log messages in Console. Use qlmanage -r to reset Quick Look client's generator cache.

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Run sudo opensnoop -n QuickLookSatellite-general to see if the process hangs after accessing some specific files. Temporarily delete Movie. I spend most of the time on my laptop in the browser. This is mostly because I read stuff, stick on social media or develop websites. I use Chrome for this, I rarely open any other browser — most of the time for testing only. Chrome is generally known not being energy efficient app, so it is a trade-off, but I find it much better especially for dev than anything else. For quite some time now I started to notice that the battery is not lasting as long as it used to when I bought this laptop a year and a half ago.

It is normal that it is losing its power over time. But then one day about 2 weeks ago, when I was lying ill in my bed, I decided to check what is draining my battery so fast and if I can fix it. Fortunately the OS X comes with the Activity Monitor, which also gives you the overview which apps put most impact on your battery life. If you sort the list by column Avg Energy Impact , you will find the most troublesome apps. In my case Google Chrome. You can solve the problem easily by quitting the app, but as I mentioned, this was not viable in my case, as I want to use Chrome.