Caveat emptor
Caveat emptor

Please note the following warning from Sonnet: While some customers have successfully used external hard drives with dual USB 2. Kernel panics occurring when the drive is connected, and the drive not being recognized by the operating system are known issues. These drives include, but are not limited to:. Sonnet's Fusion DQ and RQ quad-interface storage systems are not affected by these issues, and are fully supported.

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At Your location Macupgrades offers a wide range of on-site services for your Apple equipment. All our engineers have at least 15 years of experience with Apple hardware and software Fixed price on-site upgrades and repairs Full liability insurance Full details of on-site services. Serial Number Search Enter your serial number into the box below for specific upgrades for your machine. If you can't boot your Mac If your Mac is not working, the serial number is printed on the computer casing but the location varies.

Unibody MacBook Pro - Laser etched onto the base. Remove battery to locate. To lift keyboard, pull back on the release tabs between the F-keys. Mac mini - On the underside of the Mac mini.

Mac Pro - On rear of machine near graphics card ports. PowerMac G5 - On lower chassis under side panel.

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  4. Install an inexpensive USB-C PCI-E card in a Mac Pro for full USB data transfer speeds.

To remove side panel, lift lever on rear of Mac. Please note, there are a number of warnings for this card that may make it unsuitable for some users, please read carefully: Sonnet do not recommend this card for "high performance RAID configurations" - in practice we only recommend this card if you want to control multiple drives externally in a non-RAID configuration, for a high performance card look at the Sonnet E4P , and to control one or two individual eSATA disks on a Mac Pro look at the Sonnet eSata Cable Extender.

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The following warning is taken from Sonnet's website: Please note the following warning from Sonnet: While some customers have successfully used external hard drives with dual USB 2. Warranty: 1 year Return To Base.

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