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Oh, forgot to mention one thing — after checking to make sure the req'd plug-ins and extensions were there for Java to run properly, I noticed the. Which my version is decidedly NOT. You say my installed Java RE is unsafe and disable it, and that Apple has an upgrade. There is no Java upgrade available when I look at Software Update.

Installing and configuring Java on Mac

Which version of the Java plugin do you have now? Can you paste your details from about:plugins without the MIME type stuff? According to the JAVA control panel, applet plugins are activated. Until yesterday, everything worked fine with Firefox. Are you kidding me? I have exactly the same issue. The above replies seem to indicate that I should be able to enable Java in the plugins section of the add-ons manager, but there is nothing related to Java listed in the plug-ins. Java now shows up among my plugins, and is enabled by default.

Apple Java for OS X for Mac - Free download and software reviews - CNET

The failure of pluginreg. Also wanted to say thanks; stopping FireFox, deleting pluginreg. Thanks so much for posting this. FireFox Thank you for this information. I have been pulling my hair out for days every since I updated Java on my Mac to 1.

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Deleting the file fixed it for me. Wonder if some regex somewhere has an error in it? I did a software update but it says there are no updates available at all, including Java… and what do I do? Unfortunately, You might want to try downloading Java from java. They could have a I have a fairly new Mac Book Pro and have been using Java for a games site. I have downloaded the version from Oracle, however I am still getting the same message coming up.

Installing Java 7 on Mac OS X 10.9

Have you changed any settings in your browser? To fix it, you need to open about:config, look for extensions. Active 5 years, 5 months ago. Viewed 7k times. This is the screenshot: Can I somehow update Java 5 to Java 7? If so, how can I do it? As mentioned above, the only probable way would be a "work around" that could enable it.

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A volume appeared on my desktop called JDK 7 Update Hoever question is for OSX Caydon Beinarauskas Caydon Beinarauskas 1. Featured on Meta.

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Note: The Java community is moving from a "few big Java releases, years apart" development cycle to a cycle with a new release every six months, and a long-term support LTS release every three years. For background, see here , here , here.

JMRI: Java Version-Specific Features

It's not yet clear what this will mean for JMRI's development and migration path. Much discussion is necessary. As of February , Oracle has scheduled end-of-life for Java 8 in January , and intends to release the next Long Term Support version notionally known as both Java 11 and Java For more information on this, see also this Java Magazine article from November Capabilities This section lists new Java capabilities, and which Java version they first appeared in.

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Probably "just works" with JRE update, unless something in JMRI breaks on Java 9 on Windows Currently support using very large fonts as a workaround, but it quickly breaks as text overlaps widget boundaries 8 9 Multi-version JARs can help with migration, see discussion 9 9 The Deprecated annotation can take "since" and "forRemoval" specifications, which simplifies our API migration management a lot. Even better support for immutable collections 10? JMRI uses several com.