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That changed today when iFixit tore the new Mac Pro apart. It isn't the first outlet to break the computer down, but its teardown is accompanied by the high-resolution pictures and detailed notes that we've come to expect. What they found is a computer that, despite its more integrated nature and fair number of proprietary parts, is actually pretty easy to repair and upgrade for a Mac.

The RAM is the easiest component to remove and replace, since it only requires you to slide the case's cover off. Replacing the SSD is also simple—although the connector is proprietary, the drive is held in place by a single Torx screw. It's not difficult to remove the FirePro GPUs from the case, either, since they're each held in by four screws and a clamp.

They've each got a proprietary PCI Express connector that connects to a daughterboard at the bottom of the computer—that daughterboard also connects to the main logic board where the CPU socket and RAM slots reside and to the rear panel where the ports are kept.

How the Mac Pro’s modular internals prophesy a new future for PC design

Since the GPUs can be removed, it should theoretically be possible to upgrade them later on, though that would rely on the willingness of Apple or third parties to make new GPUs that will fit into the Mac Pro's case, can be cooled by the system's single fan, and will connect to the daughterboard. In short, you'll be able to upgrade to a CPU with more cores later if you'd like, but you won't be able to switch architectures.

The last piece of the puzzle aside from the fanless, W power supply is what iFixit calls the "port board," probably because it has all the Mac Pro's ports on it. All of the controllers that aren't integrated into the main chipset are also integrated into this board: among others, you've got three Intel DSL Thunderbolt 2.

The most challenging part was to have a case that didn't have lines on the top of the case that was visible. We managed to do that with a combination of different methods. At the end of the process of cutting the metal, we put all the parts in. It looked great, but after looking at it for 5 minutes something didn't feel right.. The parts felt unorganized and cables were coming from everywhere. There was no cable management. Parts where not easy to put in and out. We stress test it with the case closed using Prime95, and decided that we need a fan to help aid the airflow.

Stage 2: Prototype 2 Fine Tune - April And what about the lack of display port, why? The other thing I really miss is optical audio output and the possibility to add a small cpu watercooler I have custom design the front panels to have connectors to the motherboard.

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I really like display port as well as I have a dell 4k monitor. I guess i was trying to build something that was more common.. Craftsmanship is spot on. On top of PC customization, I'm an industrial designer that builds custom cc racing bikes as a hobby and I can spot well thought-out design when I see it. This is an awesome project.

Well done indeed! Thanks guys for the comments There were so many different wants to put parts inside this case but the most difficult part was how to do it with ease. I really love PC cases and why not do something in that space that is high quality instead of sheet metal as we see today Hope it goes well. Click here to read the article.

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Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Twitter. Posted January 31, edited. Here are some of the picture of the final product:.

Three months later we used the existing outer case and redesign the inside. We 3D printed the front panel and gave it a paint job in bling bling gold. Also we included a mm fan on top of the case.

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Temps dropped and was quite cool inside the case. The fan on top pulling the air our of the case made a difference. Hot air naturally rises so the rate of hot air coming out was quicker. I felt the case was too tall and it didn't look right.

The Mac Pro: A Case for Expansion - By

Stage 3: Prototype 3 Making it shorter - June I called my buddy the CAD guru to come over and asked him to recalculate every part and try to make this case smaller. During this process I came up with an idea that made the cables easier to manage.

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It changed everything!!!! It made inside the case look more appealing instead of seeing cables everywhere. Actually I have never seen this in any other case. We had another go at it and once we finished doing a quick prototype I was finally satisfied. We did a quick 3D print of most of the parts and CNC a new case and bottom.

In the process I asked my buddy to make the door follow the contour of the round top. We sand down all the parts and put it all together. The result was amazing.