How to set up current Apple wireless devices
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This will give you access to the App Store and and will link your iCloud account if you wish to connect to your Mail, Photos, Calendar and so on. From here, you can begin using your PC or TV screen as a computer, using the desktop to search for apps, open web pages and more.

Here are some ideas on how you can use it:. This could be sharing photos with a room, opening mail or accessing your documents. The Mac mini is a great way to turn any screen into a digital sign.

Here are some of the best keyboard choices for your new Mac mini

This allows you to pre-schedule and setup content to show on your digital screen such as social media feeds, presentations, travel updates, news feeds and more. Read the full guide on setting up digital signage with the Mac mini here. With the Mac mini and a screen, or desktop, you can create a home viewing centre that allows you to watch movies, surf the internet and listen to music.

How To Pair And Connect Apple Wireless Keyboard To Mac and Macbook Pro

You can also use music apps available in the Apple App Store or use Safari to get online. This allows you to view photos on a monitor, or share them with the room from your TV screen.

Most keyboards and mouses can be used with the Mac mini by connecting them using the USB port. Got a question to add?

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Email us: hello screen. Jan What is a Mac mini and what does it do? A new Mac mini is also expected to launch in , if the rumors are to be believed.

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Before you begin setup some of the questions you may want to consider include: What screen will you be connecting to? Add power Plug the power adaptor into your Mac mini and plug the other end into your power outlet. Connect to Wi-Fi Once turned on, the setup guide should take you through a few simple steps, including setting up a Wi-Fi connection.

How to set up earlier Apple wireless devices

The Apple Magic Trackpad acts as a wireless pointing device and supports special gestures that work in various applications. Before you can use the Magic Trackpad, you need to pair it with your Mac Mini so that your computer recognizes it as a connected device. If you previously paired it with another computer, you will first need to unpair the trackpad with the previous device. Enable Bluetooth on your Mac Mini if you currently have it turned off.

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Click the Bluetooth icon on the right side of the menu bar and click "Turn Bluetooth On" to enable the feature. Press the power button on the top right side of the Magic Trackpad. The little green light on the upper right side of the Magic Trackpad will then start to flash. Click the Magic Trackpad when it appears in the found devices list. Click "Quit" after the process completes.