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The terms of software license agreement will appear, and if you accept the terms, click Agree. Select the check box if you want to join the Customer Experience Program, and then click Continue. Handwriting recognition English is selected by default.

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You can select other languages if you want handwriting recognition in other languages. Continue the installation for a day trial. Click Close.

Installation Guide for Mac - System administrator's guide for Mac - System administrator's quick reference for Mac - Yes No. This product is discontinued. Learn More.

SMART Notebook (free version) download for Mac OS X

Although this product has been discontinued, you can access our library of guides, videos, knowledge base articles and community discussions any time. Visit the Discontinued products and customer support program page for more information. Double-tap or tap and hold an object to activate the Infinite Cloner and to change the sound properties.

Add shapes and lines to your file and choose the fill colour, line colour and thickness. Make files visual by inserting photos from the iPad Camera and Camera Roll.

Create better lesson plans and student engagement

Enhance the auditory experience by adding sound recordings to objects. Double-tap or tap and hold an object to view the context menu and record a new sound. Save the file with a new name to create multiple copies with unique file names. With one tap, you can quickly reset a file to the original version for another group of students to complete.

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First, great to see smart embracing the iPad, especially since it's perhaps a rival in the classroom for smart's own products. It is more of a notepad than the notebook itself as it has limited features for production of top quality smart presentations - really just text and images with no access to the smart gallery or drawing shapes and tools. For students opening a teacher prepared smart notebook file, there are limited interactive tools - mainly adding or amending text and adding images.

SMART Board software ready for Mac OS X

Good facility to add images from the camera roll or to take images and insert, plus good facility to record and add sound to images - might open up possibilities for students to record their thoughts on teacher questions. Can easily download and open a smart file from anywhere direct to the application - some content will not display.

Most backgrounds, text, images will display although interactive content may not. Hyperlinks do work well - a good resource for prompting enquiry.

Hardware drivers and firmware

Can save amended content but as yet the only tool for saving elsewhere, is email which will not be suitable given multiple student use of the individual iPads in different classes. Adding or amending text is a little cumbersome - quite often needs a few tries.

How to create interactive exercises using the Lessons activity tool - SMART tutorials for teachers

Overall a reasonable start but more work to fix a few bugs and more thought on direction for use in the classroom. Graham, ICT primary.