Simulador dá nova vida aos jogos do GameBoy

And among that were the rage, we have to point the PSP that's no longer made because it was replaced by the PlayStation Vita , but it still has millions of fans all over the world who continue enjoying its game and that can now do so from the desktop of their macOS thanks to the emulator PPSSPP.

Well, not only on your computer, because apart from the Windows and Mac versions, there's also a version for Android mobile devices, although not for iOS.

Gameboy Advance (GBA) Emulators

In any case, here we're discussing the version for Apple desktop computers on which you'll be able to run the ROMs of this legendary console once you download the application. When it comes to installing them, you'll have to search on Google because they're not included in this download. You'll find them in CSO format on different websites. Just download them to the folder when you've got the emulator and load them from the program's menu.

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Older computer systems are recommended. You might come across a few display issues, such as images not appearing correctly on your screen. However, there is still no better emulation application for running the classic GameBoy environment on your computer system than the Visual Boy Advance VBA. This is not a complicated application to operate. I am also available for consulting work in the software emulation, embedded programming, and other fields.

Visual Boy Advance

See my resume and contact me if interested. You will first need to read a game from its cartridge into a file.

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This can be done with an inexpensive gadget such as Flash Advance Linker. Please, do make sure you own a physical cartridge for every game you play with VGBA.

How to install Visual Boy Advance for Mac

It is the right thing to do, both legally and ethically. Pokemon Fire Red.

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