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Link Description Author home 7zip 0. No requirement to install 7-zip at all! Source available. Peter Bakota AVI 1. The update v1. The bit version is an unofficial port by 'tbeu'. Konstantin Polyakov Checksum 0. It is able to generate ". There is also 'virtual' browser for these list files. Stanislaw Pusep DBX 1. Also available: A configuration tool to change parameters like maximum message title length. Dmitri R. Letichevski DEB 1. DEB packages. The bit version is an unofficial port by user 'flint'.

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Former D64 plugin. New: 1. Tomas Jelinek Diskdir 1. Format is fully compatible with DiskDir, i. Please install this update for TC 7. Peter Trebaticky GIF 1. Sascha Hlusiak GRP 1. First and only plugin written in Assembler! Sergey Zharsky ICL 1. ProgMan13 IMG 1 0. Only supports short DOS names. IvGzury IMG 2 1. Long filename support. More advanced than IMG 1 , but without source code. Andreas Ziemer ISO 1. Sergey Oblomov Kryptel site For the encryption program Kryptel. Kryptel lzma 2. TAR files, or. Based on the older lzma 1. Everything can be customized. May also be used to create mp3 playlists.

Source included! Andreas Muegge Progress PL 1. New: Support for V11 libraries.

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New in 1. Requires Bzip2 plugin to unpack. The bit version is an unofficial port by 'flint'. Amenna Heratsini SIS 1. Supports sfx and encryption. Uses 7z. Use the standalone 7zip plugin above in bit. Total7zip team TotalISO 1. TotalISO is a front end for mkisofs. Very good compression based on the lzma2 format 7zip.

The bit version is an unofficial port by 'Christian Ghisler'. If you want to write a plugin of general interest, and want to offer it through this page, please contact us first so there are no duplicates!

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New 2. Note: The link on the left does not include the crypto DLL crsqlwfx. OlegY Back2Life 2. There is also an excellent standalone version available at the author's site. No more size limit in the test version! Alex Mokrov CanonCam 1. Note: You also need the file SDKlibs. If this happened to you, login to www.

If you have troubles logging in, try the plugin with integrated Chromium browser 15 MB! Windows XP users: Please read the note in the readme. First ever Linux and Mac Reader that can display correct size for link that point to file. Alex Babenko Events NT 1. This is useful when you have Linux installed on the same machine multi-boot and want to access your files. For security reasons, this plugin is read-only.

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It combines two open source projects to access Ext2 partitions and Reiser partitions. Version 1. Similar to HTTP browser try both! A double click on a task reveals details like Windows belonging to this task. If you had any problems with the first version, then please re-download it! Alexey Babenko Registry 5. New: Unicode support for TC 7. Vitaly Knyazev Serial 2. The palm version now supports the Treo. Requires SSH2. It uses the sChannel secure library built into Windows.

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New in 2. Nokia or Sony Ericsson phones. This provides a convenient way of transferring files e. JPGs, ring tones, application files in the software development cycle between desktop PC and mobile device. Ralf "Sabo" Saborowski Temporary Panel 1. Sergej Puljajev aka Gorbush Uninstaller64 1. Flint WebDAV 3. Try BarracudaDrive! What's new? Requires installed ActiveSync, otherwise it cannot be installed! Android which do not have a drive letter, but appear in Windows Media Player so-called "Plays for sure"-Player.

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Requires Windows Media Player 10 or newer! Please update! Older versions than 1. Also available: A very small sample plugin mirrors local file system.

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It's well suited as a starting point for your own plugins. Link Description Author home Anytag site Anytag displays metadata of audio files in lister. Florian Heidenreich ArcView 1. Dmitrie Murzaikin aka poiuytr Baseview 1. Extensive filtering options. Very small and fast plugin. It does not require any program or library to be installed on your system.

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Ivan Petrovic fileinfo 2. Needs an installed Macromedia Flash Player. Use SWFView instead in the bit version. Chun Sejin hpg-ed 0. Other features: 10 bookmarks, undo, creation of backup files, auto association in lister. Rk IclView v Extract one or all icons. ProgMan13 Original: Pavel Imagine 1.

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  • Context pop-up menu allows for printing, for copying to the clipboard etc. Michael Diegelmann Jpegthumbs 1. Uses jpeglib by independent jpeg group. It can play directly cda files from audio CD, play and show m3u list and display mp3 frame information, Id3V1 and V2 tags. However, they will still remain here as an information resource for people still encountering problems with their CDs.

    Here is a list of all the bad CDs that we are aware of in the UK and elsewhere at the moment. Please use your browser's Find In Page menu option to search, or use the artist or title index pages. Help us find more! See this page for details. Please post new reports to this address , and also let us know if you have any new information about any of the CDs listed below, or if you can confirm our reports. For people based in Germany , I recommend taking a look at c't magazine's online corrupt CD database.

    Note that the effectiveness of these so-called "copy-protection" systems usually depends mostly on which particular CD-ROM drive make and model you have in your PC or Mac. Some people find that a corrupt disc will extract fine without problem the first time they try, and others will have trouble even playing it. The software used seems to matter less than the hardware, but several people have recommended ExactAudioCopy or CDEx which check more thoroughly for errors than some other apps. Update Apr : 'Enhanced CDs' i. There are a new generation of corrupt discs starting to appear that will try to install special drivers permanently onto your PC when you insert the disc, to stop you accessing the audio with your normal software players.