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Building off the previously released full-screen feature, Split View moves two apps to a new desktop of their own side by side. Apple has also officially announced macOS Setting up Split view is extremely easy, but the method might not be super obvious to you. You know the small green dot with those two arrows that sits next to the red and yellow ones at the top-left corner of every window?

If it incorporates the full-screen icon two diagonal triangles and not a plus sign, that app probably supports Split View. After you release your drag, the position of the two windows will change. The black, vertical bar in the middle of the screen will help to adjust the size of each window.

While it used to be rather thin in older macOS versions, it has become thicker in the Mojave release. Click on the bar and drag it the left or right side to adjust the size of each split.

How To Do Split Screen On Mac

You can use this option to get a full view of large spreadsheets and huge web pages. There are no restrictions on window sizes, though there is a limitation for the minimum size of the smaller window. To change the applications in split screen, exit Split View or use Mission Control to replace one of the apps in the Space menu bar.

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Bonus tip: Adjusting your display resolution will help to determine the size of text and objects on the screen. This works exactly the same way you zoom with photos on your smartphone, just on your trackpad! The split screen will be closed, and your chosen app will show up in its regular format. The second way to exit Split View is to press Escape. However, this key may be used for other commands within your window, so be careful not to exit split screen unexpectedly. The ability to use split screen view was introduced in macOS El Capitan launched in and is available for all the later versions, including High Sierra and Mojave.

Also, not all apps work with Split View. Some applications will simply go to full screen and refuse to split.

The majority of Mac apps support this feature, while third-party software are less likely to do so. There are numerous third-party desktop organization tools to enhance your work on Mac. They include splitting your screen into four windows, visually focusing on one app, and creating customized keyboard shortcuts. All in all, Split View can serve as a basic instrument for managing windows on your Mac. Try Full Screen mode instead. It minimizes crowding and distraction in your work environment and is especially helpful if you have a small screen.

How to Enable Split View on Mac: Boost Your Multitasking

Now you know how a split screen on Mac can be used to enhance your work with several apps at a time. Try combining different types of documents and apps, adjusting Split View, and checking out all the functions of this awesome Apple tool.

Mac Tip: New Split Screen Feature in El Capitan

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How Split View Lets Two Apps Work Together in Full-Screen Mode

Meanwhile, all other open windows shrink down into miniature cards. Top: Hold down the green button in the first app. Second from top: That half of your screen gets a blue tint.

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Third from top: Release the mouse; that window now fills half of your entire screen. Meanwhile, all other open windows appear in miniature so that you can choose the one you want to fill the other half of your screen. There may even be a little pile of additional window cards at the bottom corner. Feel free to drag the divider line sideways to adjust the proportions.

Click the miniature window you want to fill the remaining half of the screen. If you like, you can now grab the divider line and drag it, thereby adjusting the proportion of the screen occupied by each app. Bookmark this spot, go read that, and then return here. The shows you which side of the screen this new window will occupy in Split Screen mode.

Release the mouse, and then click the split thumbnail to make it fill your screen.