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I have footage in a 60fps camera that I imported into iMovie.

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When I import it, either with or without optimization, the video is very jumpy and the audio doesn't time with the footage at all. But 30fps footage imports into iMovie correctly. Is there any way to import the 60fps video correctly so that I don't have this problem, even if it means downgrading the quality?

If you want to natively ingest and edit the 60fps videos in iMovie, you have to firstly transcode 60fps footage it to a compatible frame rate with a native format by iMovie, like AIC.

Note that even if you shift your footage to AIC at 60p, iMovie will downgrade it to 24fps or 30fps on export depending on what you chose , but it still doesn't look bad at all. It will just use the extra frames to make it smoother. If you shoot in 60fps and slow it down to 30fps, you are still using 30 frames to fill 30 frames.

It will be much smoother. NLE's for editing, and enables users to custom video and audio settings like frame rate, bit rate, resolution, sample rate and audio channel at will. Sep 7, 83 0 10, Adobe Premiere or Final cut pro it's only for Mac though.

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If you need free editors then maybe try Blender or Lightworks. Mar 16, 0 3, For simple, try Handbrake, GUI driven and it is free. Robert Ban Estimable. Jul 30, 0 6, DaVinci Resolve.

Finstar :. Robert Ban :. First time head hurts when you try to do something, but after you get used to it.

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Top Bottom. Video editor for my low end pc. Feb 5, Nov 5, Best video editor for my hardware. However compute-intensive effects such as Neat Video or Imagenomic Portraiture can slow down anything, no matter what the hardware or editing software. The is much faster, although I'm not sure how representative this would be for Premiere.

I think this is due to the improved Kaby Lake Quick Sync, but am not sure. A top-spec MBP might be considerably faster than your but this depends a lot on the software. It might be enough to compensate while staying on Premiere, especially if your problem was GPU. But I'm suspicious why it's so slow if using p proxies. In my testing Premiere was very fast on 4K H if using proxies. This makes me think it's Warp stabilizer or some effect slowing it down.

Can you reproduce the slowdown without any effects? Without effects does the extreme sluggishness only diminish or does it go away entirely? Resolve performance has been greatly improved in the latest version and in some benchmarks it's as fast as FCPX. You might want to consider that. FCPX is very good but it's a bigger transition from a conceptual standpoint, whereas Resolve is track-oriented like Premiere is.

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CUDA has also been at the root of most of the problems I'm having. Joema, this is a stunning post and I can't thank you enough for taking the time to write it out and contribute to this thread. Again, thank you. That it could be the CPU is an interesting idea and I'll open Activity Monitor tomorrow when I'm working on the project that is causing me grief and I'll take a look. I have a theory that my latest problems involving crashes have been in part thanks to a buggy new software update from Adobe.

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The problem is though, I've found that almost every software update from Adobe is buggy, so narrowing down the problem becomes a lot harder. I should have looked into Activity Monitor sooner. I have read up quite a bit on the Adobe forums, and there lies some sort of theory that this Macbook using both Intel and Nvidia graphic chips can be problematic. I think it was the last Macbook Pro to use Nvidia graphics?

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Certainly CUDA problems seem to be common. Recent problems have been "Unexpected Crashes" during export, and have been fixed by removing matte track masks. This kind of sucks, but I was able to export the video albeit without my skin tones being quite as perfect as I would have liked.

Premiere doesn't make it easy. And I would imagine the problem is exacerbated on slightly older hardware. Perhaps I'll hold off on an upgrade until I've worked my way through current projects and have dedicated a bit of time towards properly moving to Resolve. Works great in FCPX. FCPX is actually fantastic to work with on the new Macs. I also use it for quick edits that I don't want to spend a whole lot of time on.