Microsoft Sans Serif

Created for use with Biblical Greek. Available in normal and bold. Modification of Bitstream Vera fonts. Several fonts for symbols, including Ancient Greek and Byzantine Musical Notation; and Alexander, an 18th century style font, with ligatures. Sans-serif font, available in Vista. See also: James Kass' page detailing the current problems involved in Unicode display with Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape.

Rourke's page on Unicode Greek on the Web for a demonstration and discussion of polytonic Greek Unicode. David Perry's Fonts for Scholars page, including discussion of issues specific to Unicode for Classics. Alan Wood's Unicode and Multilingual Resources. Display To guarantee optimal display, we use the precomposed Unicode polytonic combinations, where available Normalization Form C , rather than combining diacritics Normalization Form D.

Test characters The repertoire of characters required to support TLG text display is still inconsistent from platform to platform and from font to font. Pre-Unicode 4. The TLG-proposed capital lunate sigma has been included in Unicode 4. Beta code does not preserve numerical symbol case. Currently these are rendered as capitals; in the near future once the Unicode 3.

Circumflex appears to the side of breathing in Tahoma. Breathing appears to the side of circumflex in Galilee Unicode Gk. Combining diacritics do not exist in Magenta or Aisa; only combining acute, grave, and diaeresis exist in FreeMono. The subscript reflects some Modern Greek practice; the adscript reflects usual Western practice. SBL Greek allows both adscript and subscript as variants; it defaults to adscript. The distinction between capital and lowercase digamma was introduced in Unicode 3. Unicode 3. Unicode as of version 3. Download here: Rhytmic Dances Download.

Kula has an interesting, soft curvature. Subtle, but powerful. These 4 fonts that are included here are well suited for use bold and direct advertisement such as titles and headers for posters and slideshows. Download here: Kula Download.

Noto Serif

SilverLeaf is a handwritten Serif font that includes both desktop and webfont variants. Created by Nathan Brown. Download here: SilverLeaf Handwritten Serif. Give your designs an authentic handcrafted feel. Download here: Pratiwi Typeface Download. Download here: Droid Serif. One of the most well-kerned hand written scripts on the list. Download here: Foundry Download. Download here: Jura Serif Typeface. Download here: Merriweather Serif. Rumble Brave is a victorian classic that has all the swirls and curls you could want int a sassy display font.

Designed by Friedrich Althausen. Download here: Vollkorn Serif. Inspired by vintage books and the pages within, Appareo is an imperfect, worn serif font that comes in three weights. Download here: Appareo Extras Download. Designed by Sebastian Kosch. Download here: The Crimson Text typeface. Designed by exljbris Font Foundry.

Download here: Calluna. The Mon Cheri typeface makes for the perfect thank you card. Download here: Mon Cheri Typeface Download.

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Stay Alive Typeface is Inspired by victorian style, poster, sign painter. The s comes alive with this retro masterpiece. Download here: Stay Alive Sans Download. Download here: Brela Serif.

Bree Serif only includes a Regular version of the Serif font. Download here: Bree Serif. Himalaya set type is a vintage inspired font duo that includes one script and one sans serif font. The script and sans serif are both hand-drawn with a rough edge. Download here: Himalaya Set Type Download.

Download here: Afta Serif Font. Bignord is a brand new fonts with vintage look and style inspired from vintage packaging and from typographic cover lettering. Download here: Bignord Download. The unique Badhead Typeface includes both desktop and webfont variants. Created by ianmikraz studio. Download here: Badhead Typeface. Gives that rough feel and would be great for any type of hip hop cover.

Download here: Burnts Maker Download. Created by Yellow Design Studio. Osgard Pro is a powerful, luxurious Typeface, adopting the fluid curvaceous elements of Romanesque typography and combining them with the Gothic style of Blackletter. Download here: Osgard Pro Download. Download here: Exodus Free Typeface. Indulge Script is a typeface adapted for both modern and traditional uses, housing glyphs and swashes.

Download here: Indulge Script Download. Designed by Fabian De Smet. Download here: Butler Typeface. Bird House Script is a handwritten font designed using markers. This font would be perfect for branding a local coffeehouse, faux-signatures, and more. It includes uppercase standard character, punctuation and multiple language support. Download here: Bird House Script Download. Download here: Tryst Regular Typeface.

Download here: Brayden Script Family Download. Download here: Born Serif Typeface. Download here: Knubi Regular Serif. Download here: Abraham Lincoln Serif. The difference between a Serif and Sans Serif font, is that Sans Serifs do not have those small decorative lines that characterize Serifs. Understandably, Sans Serifs are the most commonly used Google Fonts.

Designed by Dharma Type Foundry. Download here: Bebas Neue Sans Serif. Download here: IBM Plex. Download here: Faune. Created by Mozilla. Download here: Fira Sans Serif. Download here: The Metropolis Typeface. Download here: Norwester Sans Serif. Download here: Homizio Nova. Designed by Huerta Tipografica. Download here: Alegreya Sans HT. Download here: Peace Sans.

The free version of Sketchetik Sans Serif only includes a Light variant. Created by Ossi Gustafsson. Download here: Sketchetik Fill Light. Designed by Natanael Gama. Download here: Exo Geometric. Designed by Gumpita Rahayu. Download here: Mohave Sans Serif. Download here: Neris Display.

Sans-serif Fonts

Designed by Yellow Design Studio. Download here: Verb Condensed Regular. Download here: Dense Sans Serif. Created by Christopher J. Download here: Canter Sans Serif. Created by Frank Hemmekan. Download here: Sabado Sans Serif. Download here: Baron Sans Serif. Download here: Rhyder Sans Serif.

Download here: Langdon Sans Serif. Fernando Diaz designed this elegant font to work well in both titles and long text. It is available as both desktop version and webfont. This font is great for both printed materials and websites. This calligraphy style serif font designed by Bernd Montag in has become one of a few classic elegant web fonts available for free. Chantelli Antiqua is great for text in invitations or titles in labels and tags.

It works great paired with a simple sans font as well. This short and stout elegant font, Athene, was designed by Matt Ellis. Athene is great for titles and headings in magazines or classy invitations. This special font also works great for logos and wedding seating tags. Vollkorn is a versatile elegant font family in four weights in both regular and italic.

Designed by German designer Friedrick Althausen in , this font is great not only for uppercase titles but also for long text in printed novels and websites. Vollkorn looks great in product labels and as a webfont. Designer Yai Salinas created this font inspired by the classic Didot font. The added detailed dots give it a special sense of style in both uppercase and lowercase letters. This is a great font for specialty beverage labels or editorial titles in both printed and digital formats. This long serif font designed by Japanese Sora Sagano is reminiscent of classic calligraphy fonts brought to a digital format.

Medio works great for headers and titles and long-form text in a medium size. This font is perfect for both print and web. Wallington Pro, designed by the Zeune Ink Foundry, is a decorative, elegant font reminiscent of old English style calligraphy and Art Deco finishings. It's a very special font for signatures, shop signs, invitations and logos. Ligatures and contextual alternatives are available for special compositions. Oranienbaum is a tall font with angled serifs and delicate curves. Russian designer Oleg Pospelov was inspired by classic elegant fonts like Bodoni in his creation of Oranienbaum.

The number glyphs in this font are particularly unique. This serif font, Lora, is a perfect mix of curves and straight lines, which works great in long text. Lora works great paired with another display font for titles. This font is available for free in two weights: regular and bold. Goudy Bookletter is a serif font with elegant angles in both serifs and bars. Designer Barry Schwartz was inspired by the Kennerley Old Style fonts, variants of the Goudy style fonts used in Italian and Dutch printing traditions.

Goudy Bookletter works great in both titles and text and is available with glyphs for many languages. Bodoni is one of the classic style fonts which has inspired hundreds of other elegant fonts. Bodoni is also one of the fonts that costs lots of money, so designers Casady and Greene created Bodoni FLF as a free alternative. This elegant font is great for all sorts of projects and designs.

Dubiel, a classic inspired font, designed by David Rakowski has long thin serifs in an elegant style. This font with clean lines is great for large titles and headings and can be paired with a simple sans serif for longer texts. This luxurious font family is available in two elegant styles; stencil and sans. This means that both versions of the font can be used together as a perfect pairing. The stencil style has a special way of connecting the parts of the letters which makes it a great option for your stylish projects. The sans serif style is perfectly geometric and comes only in uppercase.

Designer Rajesh Rajput created this modern, elegant font with a whopping 20 different weights and multiple language support glyphs. Perfect for fashion and lifestyle projects, Gorgeous looks great in large titles and intertwined with background elements. This modern elegant font, inspired by classic Didot fonts, can be used with or without flourishes. Wonderful for titles, subtitles and longer form texts, Luxia is a very stylish font with lots of possibilities for all sorts of creative projects.

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Sans fonts like simplifica are considered elegant fonts because of their simplicity. The uppercase letters have straight lines and perfectly angled diagonals. The lowercase letters have curved terminals, creating a special tone in longer texts. Designer Hendrick Rolandez created Coco with the fashion professional in mind. Thin, elongated letters with a special touch of transparency at the edges create wonderful titles and short bodies of text.

Coco works wonderfully as a signature or a font as well. This art deco inspired thin rounded font designed by Gabriele Magurno is good for those projects that need an elegant font with a bit of a twist.

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The different widths of the individual letters might need some kerning adjustments for better balance. Zetafont designers created Cocomat, inspired by the style of the twenties and the art of Italian futurists. The detail of the lower bars gives this elegant font a special air of sophistication. The free version comes in two practical weights and only in uppercase.

If you are looking for that perfect elegant font with a younger twist, Penna is the right font for that. With long ascenders and descenders ending in curves, the lowercase letters are great for short paragraphs like book blurbs or quotes in postcards and social media graphics. This elegant font is ideal for the younger crowd. Clearlight is a font which seamlessly joins elegance with industrialism. Designers from Nima Visual designed Clearlight to be used as titles, subtitles and short paragraphs. It would work great for a fancy robotics company or an upscale technological services brand.

Another art deco inspired font, Diner is an extra long and thin font that comes only in uppercase but in four very different weights. Designed by David Rakowski, Diner is perfect for titles and logos and would look great paired with a rounded calligraphy font. Coves is that type of elegant font that works pretty much with any style of project. Not committing to any particular era or movement, the elegance in Coves comes from the perfectly geometric weight in both light and bold, uppercase and lowercase.

Designer Jack Harvatt created one of the most versatile elegant fonts available today. If casual elegance could come together in a font, it would be in this one. Casual has uniquely rounded point terminals, giving the letter a special air of nonchalance. This font works great for labels, sticker tags and invitations. Titles look wonderful while longer text could look a bit crowded.

Another great font by Craft Supply, Prestage is a tall, elegant font with solid and outline variations. This font works great for print or web and is perfectly suited for the creative industry. It looks great in titles and text alike, preferably for short, succinct paragraphs. Prestage is a great choice for elegant packaging, magazine covers, blog and even logos. Designer Cristina Pagnotta created the Audrey font as an elegant sans serif alternative for titles and typographic compositions. It is available in three weights, and as regular or oblique.

The variations inside the font allow for lots of possibilities for any elegant project on web and print alike. This tall and modern elegant font is perfect for short statements. This font is particularly useful for social media graphics and other projects like sticker labels and posters. Argentine designer Mariano Diez took the elegance of a tall font and added just a bit more character to it. This Scandinavian style elegant font designed by Asia Ang is particularly special for its ligatures. Rounded and condensed, Komoda is great for quotes and statements, logos and name cards.

A modern sense of elegance gives this font a special air of comfort. This geometric elegant font designer by Frederick Lee comes in both uppercase and lowercase, which look great paired together. Perfect for product labels, titles or bodies of text, Kano joins elegance with geometry seamlessly. The geomanist font from the atipo foundry is a perfectly rhythmic elegant font that works great for titles in large size and weight while also really well in text in the thinner weight.

Monument Valley is a contemporary elegant font with a condensed style designed by Taylor Spaulding.