Guide: Losslessly Remove DRM from iTunes Movies on Mac

Although many users remove DRM for personal use only, Apple doesn't allow it.

Part 1. How to Convert iTunes Movies to MP4 on Windows (DRM-Protected)

To stop breaking DRM, they fix the loophole on Some people may wonder about the other types of iTunes files such as Apple Music, audiobooks, podcasts and so on. Actually, Apple don't allow other third-party tools to crack DRM on the audio files either. Fortunately, for audio files, instead of using DRM removal technology, it is possible to record them legally.

It supports background record and it can detect the audio noise and remove it directly. When Mojave was first released, there is an entry for users to click to restore the system if they feel regretful after upgrading. But as Mojave has been out for a few months, the option was removed.


What is even worse is that Mac OS That means you can't manually downgrade It is same that you need Mac OS You can't download it from App Store anymore. But you can check other Mac communities or forums to see if you can download a copy. If yes, you can follow the steps below to install In this way, it won't affect your Step 2.

Step 3. Double click the MacOS Sierra installer package, it will initialize the installation. Step 4. Choose "Agree" on the license agreement, select the destination installing device and click "Install".

How to Remove DRM Protection from iTunes Movies on Mac?

Step 5. It will prompt you to input your user name and password, please do as requested and wait a few minutes for it to complete installing. On a Windows devices, it can not only get rid of DRM protection perfectly, but also runs much faster. Speaking that, there are many ways to get Windows on Mac.

How to Strip DRM from iTunes Videos on macOS 10.12 Sierra

You can do that by using BootCamp or a virtual machine software such VMware. But what is the difference and which is better? If you install a standalone Windows via BootCamp, it won't has this problem at all. During starting, it will just ask you which system you want to boot from, Windows or Mac. Here we'd recommend you to use BootCamp.

Step 1. Backup your data your Mac and clean the hard up to make more remaining space. Your Mac computer will restart and ask you to create a partition for Windows. Just do as the screen requests.

Remove DRM from iTunes M4V videos with Fast Speed

Choose the ISO file and click "Install". For example, you can use a video recorder tool to record the screen when you playback the video on iTunes. In this way, the recorded video won't be protected by DRM anymore, and you can transfer it to any of your Android phones or tablets for enjoying. However, there is a problem remains to be resolved before you decide to record a HD movie bought or rented from iTunes.

[% Working]Remove DRM from iTunes Movies on High Sierra/Mojave

The quality of the output video may not be kept as well as that of the original movie. Besides, sometimes the audio and video are not synchronized in the recorded video. You need a better solution to get rid of DRM of iTunes videos. Launch the program on your Mac and click at the "Add Movies" button. The iTunes library will pop up showing all of the movies, TV shows and other M4V videos you purchased or rented from iTunes.

You can choose the videos you want to convert and click "Add" button. The imported M4V videos will be directly shown on the main interface of the program. After several minutes, the program will finish the conversion and you can get the non-protected MP4 videos with original quality kept. Note: M4VGear will offer you a 1-minute free trial which allows you convert one minute of iTunes videos for free.

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