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Where has all the functionality gone? Where is the 'Copy' option on the menu? Can you explain that? Maybe that might help me. Meanwhile I'm cursing myself for upgrading to Photos from iPhoto. One cannot even change the headings on the Photos listings Can you advise a decent photo library system for Mac? All I need is something that will store my photos, that I can organise under the headings that I want, that I can index and from which I can cut and paste and drag and drop Jan 20, AM.

Jan 20, PM in response to janfromwi In response to janfromwi. I can copy and paste from Photos 3.

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Older versions of Microsoft Office may not be compatible with Photos and do not allow copy and paste of photos from a Photos Library. If you are still using Microsoft Office , it will not work. Jan 20, PM.

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Photos 3. Surely the most basic thing about our photographs is that we want to copy them!

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We might just as well be back in the Box Brownie era! Jan 21, AM. To copy anything, select it and press Command-C or Command-X if you want to remove it and copy it to the clipboard.

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Then go to your destination then press Command-V. That will paste it into your destination. If you want to move a file from one location to another, instead of copying it, press Command-Option-V, instead of Command-V. When you paste the item to its new location, it remains on the clipboard so you can paste it again and again. You can view the contents of the Mac's clipboard at any time by clicking on the Finder icon in the Dock, choosing the Edit menu, and then selecting Show Clipboard. But is that really it or is there more to explore?

There are actually a lot of features and possible improvements for macOS.

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How do you strip out the formatting of the copied text and make it match the destination? This executes a "Paste and Match Style" command.

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This shortcut is available in most default Apple applications, but some third-party apps neglect to include it. To copy and paste the style only, not the text, open up a TextEdit document, select the text containing the style that you'd like to copy and hit Command-Option-C, then select the text containing the formatting that you'd like to replace and hit Command-Option-V.

Select the text should be killed and hit Control-K. The text should disappear. Keep in mind: if you kill text with no selection, it jumps to the end of the paragraph. There's a one more cool hidden feature: hitting Control-K while inserting your cursor half way through a paragraph should kill all of the text from that point to the end of the paragraph.

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Note that Control-K cuts, rather than copies, the text. Yanking inserts the most recent kill, leaving the cursor at the end of the inserted text.

How to copy and paste in Mac

To do this, just hit Control-Y. This will work exactly like a paste command, it's just pulling from a different source. Note: Kill and Yank works in most native Mac apps, including Notes, iWork, and most text editors—but they may not work in some web apps like Google Docs. Say you want to copy two items from one app and paste them into another.

Press the "V" key while still holding the "Command" key, then let go of both. This pastes the object. Select what you want to copy.

How to Cut and Paste a Photo in an Apple Computer

Click a single object, like a file, or highlight text if you want to copy that. To highlight text, place the cursor at the beginning of the text, then click and hold while you drag the cursor to the end of the text you need. Alternatively, hold the "Shift" key down and navigate with the arrow keys to highlight text.

Bring up the editing options for the highlighted object. One way to do this is to click the "Edit" menu in the menu bar at the top of your screen.

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Another option is to press and hold the "Control" key and click the object, which brings up options for that object at the same location as your mouse cursor. Navigate to the place you wish to paste the object. This can be within the same document or even in a different program. Move your mouse cursor to the location you wish to paste the object, and again bring up the options available by clicking the "Edit" menu or by using the "Control" key and clicking your mouse.

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