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With our Clipboard Drawing Tool, you can draw, save and share high quality diagrams, right from your smartphone or tablet, with just a few taps. Then share with your team by email, text, Facebook or Twitter! It's the cleanest and simplest way to build your own customized plays and drills! Basketball Blueprint provides everything you need to eliminate your coaching stress, and start having more fun and success with your team today! Simply download the app to your smartphone or tablet, and you'll get instant access to our library of coaching resources and tools, all delivered in a "brain dead simple" mobile interface you can take right to the gym!

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Streamline your practices. Outplay your competition. The Ultimate Basketball Coaching Tool.

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Clipboard Effortlessly draw professional looking diagrams, right from your smartphone or tablet! Practice Builder Design a killer basketball practice in 60 seconds or less. For those without an Android or iPad, there is a free Windows application that allows all the capability of the mobile version plus the ability to record in FLV format.

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Draw on an PC. Simulate - Share - Play! Basketball 3D Sketcher : software for drawing 3D animated playbooks. Draw 3D basketball plays quickly and easily! And share your playbook in 2 clicks with your partners with confidentiality. Software for coaches AND players.

Your browser leaves much to be desired. Because time is king in basketball, draw precise passes with precise timing. Enhanced your plays with self explanation drawings, instantly readable by your players. Develop the basketball IQ of your players, by improving their comprehension of the game and by developing their tracking skills.

Export your work on any platform within 2s. Get your playbook in your pocket, bring it with you on travel, send it easily to your players with confidentiality! What you can do with our solution? Draw in 2D, watch the result INSTANTLY in 3D Share your playbook easily with your team Special drawings to explain : arrows and colored areas with dynamic behaviors Write a comment and linked it to the animation Isolate the movement of one player among the others : perfect to focus on the behavior of one player Unlimited points of view : each player, the coach, the referee!

Slow motion Jersey, name and positions customisation Video output and printed document containing screenshot, comments and the list of the training objects.